Rock & Aggregate Deliveries for Nanaimo & Area

Lockwood Rock

The sister company of Heathcote Contracting, Lockwood Rock, offers some of the highest quality crushed aggregates, rock, sand and gravel on Vancouver Island. With the Whiskey Creek team of Lockwood Rock, you don’t have to worry about buying bags of rock or having aggregates delivered; we complete custom orders and can deliver the rocks and aggregates directly to your home or worksite.

Lockwood Rock offers a variety of sand, gravel, rock and aggregate products, including:

  • 3” Pit Run (SGSB)
  • 3/4 Road Base
  • Bedding Sand
  • Blast Rock (All Sizes)
  • Boulders
  • C-33 Sand
  • Clear Rock
  • Concrete Sand
  • Drain Rock
  • Granite Rock (All Sizes) – Round Rock and Blasted
  • Hydro Sand
  • Landscape Rock
  • Navyjack 3” Crushed Rock
  • Pit Run
  • Riprap
  • Signature Rock
  • Wall Rock

Lockwood Rock’s products are perfect for filling demolition sites, building seawalls or creating logging roads. With a quarry site located just one kilometre beyond Qualicum Falls Park, Lockwood Rock is able to serve the needs of Nanaimo, Whiskey Creek and the surrounding areas.

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To place an order for sand and gravel, contact Heathcote Contracting. Remember: We can accommodate your customer order!

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